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5 Tips for Increased Instagram Engagement

Instagram can be the most useful platform in your social media marketing campaign if you know how to use it no matter what industry your product or service belongs to. A strong Instagram presence can help you build a solid base of followers and potential consumers. Read on to know how you can capitalise on your Instagram presence by increasing your engagement.

Increase engagement on Instagram with these 5 types of content.

Let's begin with some background information on Instagram. Instagram announced 25 million business profiles in November 2017, and there is no doubt these numbers have increased in recent years. Instagram go further to say that over 80% of accounts on Instagram follow a business, while 200 million Instagrammers actively visit the profile of a business every day. As such, are you taking all the right measures to ensure your business is effectively using Instagram to reach its audience?

In recent announcements, Instagram has made a strategic step to focus on pushing video content. After seeing the success of video content by competitors like TikTok and YouTube, it only makes sense that Instagram will follow suit. So, here are 5 tips to enhance your Instagram engagement.

1. Encourage sharing 

Develop content that encourages people to share. Some of the most shareable content makes people laugh or provides exclusive information and is entertaining. Start drafting some ideas that provide tips, hints, hacks, jokes, and quotes.

2. Problems equal solutions

There is a reason why your audience is following you; that is because they have an interest in your service or product. After all, it speaks to a need, so remind them of these needs and continue to show them the solution you have for them.

3. Share powerful imagery

Sharing powerful imagery is a great way to encourage engagement with the audience. Unlike other social media platforms, Instagram is focused primarily on imagery. Share images relevant to your brand and images that will encourage your audience to like, save, and share.

4. Offer free resources and educational content 

Offering something free to your audience or running competitions is an excellent way to encourage engagement. You could provide free downloadable or printable branded resources and inspire your audience to return for more.

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5. Do more of what works

Finally, discover what your audience enjoys engaging with the most by reviewing your analytics and then do more! If you notice that tips are more popular than quotes with your followers, do a bit more content around tips.

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