Why work with freelancers

Freelancers offer teams a mix of project and business benefits that still help you get work done. If you’re unsure about engaging a freelancer, here are a few things that might make you lean more toward freelance talent:

Freelancers generally reduce payroll costs as you generally pay an hourly rate or their established fee without the usual overhead costs of a full-time employee. 

Freelancers give you access to a specific skill or talent as you need it. If your company produces an ebook twice per year, working with a freelancer allows you to pay for an expert writer only when you need their skills.

In many cases, freelancers are remote. This gives you access to talent outside of your local region, allowing you to access more skills and save on things like office space, Internet costs, and more.

They offer greater flexibility by not needing to work during your hours. Hiring a freelancer in a different time zone for social media management during your off hours can ensure your global community stays engaged.


Set an annual budget that you can deploy to use with your freelancer so you can plan in advance.

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Lizzy Lloyd Graphics Digital Marketing Service London
Lizzy Lloyd Graphics Digital Marketing Service London
Lizzy Lloyd Graphics Digital Marketing Service London

Dedicated support for your business

From a team management perspective, the core difference between managing a freelancer and a full-time employee is that you rely on freelancers for a specific task within a project, while employees have a long-term role in your company that may evolve over time. Employees handle more than just project tasks, such as sending emails or posting to your social media accounts. The contract you have with a freelancer limits the types of work they can do without renegotiating that contract.

When the work ends, your relationship with a freelancer ends as well unless you retain them for an additional project. For employees, you’ll prepare them for the next project because they are a consistent part of the team.

Full-time employees often need significant training and supervision. They’re a long-term investment, but that can provide benefits for getting a team how you like it. Freelancers should come into a project with the skills you need, and their onboarding should be limited to learning about your project or business’s specifics. Typically, this means your freelancers will be more independent and autonomous.

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